System Training

The SEALD team offers training that will provide you with everything you need to use SEALD every day.  The SEALD system was designed to be intuitive, easy to use, and with current law enforcement response tactics in mind. Within minutes your personnel will be using the system like a pro.

Adminstration and Staff

Facility administration will learn how to lock and unlock doors with schedules. When the facility is open and access should be available appropriate doors will be unlocked. When the facility is closed and access should be restricted the system will automatically lock the facility -- no more forgetting to lock doors!In addition to flexible scheduling of door lock and unlock times, facility staff will be given key phobs that let them lock and unlock their room independently throughout the day. If a staff member needs to take a break and leave their room locked all it takes is one click of a button.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and Emergency Services will learn how to control the building in the event of a security lockdown, sweep through and identify the security threat, and respond appropriately. Emergency Services will learn how to read the building status and immediately know which doors are open, which are locked, and where the security threat is located.  Law Enforcement will know where and how to enter the facility and will be able to communicate with Emergency Services to get up-to-the-minute building status and unlock any SEALD-enabled door.

In addition to law enforcement training, we will train facility administrators on how the emergnecy functions operate and how to respond in coordination with law enforcement.

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