Scheduled Smart Locking System

The SEALD system offers practical day to day usage.  We have designed an on-line scheduler system to allow an administrator the capability to schedule rooms to lock and unlock at various times throughout the day. These can be programmed for repeat schedules or one-time events. 

For example, the scheduler can be used to schedule specific doors to be locked and unlocked during a basketball game at specific times. The system also allows an administrator to remotely check the status of the building at any time, day or night. 

The system can be used to set up as many schedules for as many doors as an administrator would like. 

In addition, we can offer a remote control capability for door locking (depending on the lock used).  Your doors will no longer require a key.

These added capabilities will not only provide convenience to administrators and security personnel, it will also streamline building management, saving time and money.

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