The Standard Emergency Activated LockDown (SEALD) system is designed to perform automated building lockdown in response to an emergency situation such as an active shooter or violent person on campus.  The system was designed to answer all the questions surrounding human response during an emergency event and replace required human intervention with computer controlled automated response.  Basically, the system removes the human interaction and memory required during an emergency and replaces this with pre-programmed computer controls.  The SEALD system emergency response silently resides in your facility waiting to perform it’s designed function 24/7/365. 

The system was designed by police officers with their needs in mind and works in coordination with current law enforcement response tactics.  We have considered the most important needs of school/business personnel and the police and combined those needs into one system.

What is it?

The SEALD system is an interactive emergency lockdown control system that connects electronic locks to the most advanced locking control system in the US.  The SEALD system is a proprietary and patented combination of control units, electronic locks, sensors and smart lights that are controlled over the Cloud.  Individual rooms are outfitted with parts of the system and each room is separately and securely connected to a Cloud control system. 

How Does an Emergency Lockdown Work?

Upon detection of an emergency situation, an observant person can press an emergency button located throughout the building.  Once the button has been pushed, the Cloud is notified of the emergency.  A lockdown message is played throughout the building(s) and all doors lock automatically.  Simultaneously, an emergency notification is sent to the local 911 or first response center notifying them of the emergency and giving them credentials to log into the system via the internet. 

Upon logging in, 911 will access a map based control system and take control of all the outfitted rooms in the building, as well as viewing the status of each room.  Through internet controls, 911 can lock and unlock all rooms as required, based on the needs of the police officers on the ground.  Each room status is tracked live as the situation unfolds.  The system logs and records all activity, therefore, no manual logs are required.  There are also status lights for each room located physically at each door, so police officers using current response tactics can use the information to respond swiftly and accurately. 


The most critical component during business and school shootings is TIME and accurate INFORMATION.  The SEALD system is uniquely designed to enable law enforcement to respond to, and stop the shooting as quickly and accurately as possible while also creating controlled barriers between a shooter and students, teachers, and employees.  

Existing systems and response tactics are limited and have obvious faults.  The SEALD system fills the holes while seamlessly utilizing the existing training systems used by both police and school staff across the country.  However, the system goes several steps further and eliminates many of the manual response methods required to help clear away the confusion and inaccurate response of such an emergency.

In addition, the SEALD system offers day to day scheduler usage capability beyond the emergency lockdown capability.

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