It seems like every month there is news about another random violent attack at a school or business. Most of them seem like they are thousands of miles away and we constantly tell ourselves that something like that could never happen here.  As parents, we can’t help but have that thought in the back of our mind; what if it happens here?

  • How reliable is the buildings security at my child's school?
  • Are my child’s teachers trained well enough to know what to do?
  • Do the police know how to respond to my child’s school?
  • How does a lockdown actually work?
  • How effective is the camera/buzzer system at my child’s school?

We designed the SEALD system to answer all these questions and help put your mind at ease.  The system removes all the human based manual actions required during a lockdown and replaces them with intelligent computer systems. The system also automatically notifies the police and turns over building controls to them so that they can more effectively respond and end the situation.  The system provides police officers coming to your childs school with real-time accurate information to safely end the event as quickly as possible.

Schools with anitiquated cameras and alarm systems are a thing of the past.  Would you like see your child’s school install the most advanced automated protection system in the country? And all this can be installed in a surprisingly cost effective way.  SEALD was designed with this in mind.

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