Law Enforcement

It seems like there is news about another mass shooter attack in the US every month. Even though they all seem like they are thousands of miles away, will the next one be on your shift? Will in it be in your city?  Are your officers prepared to respond?

Picture this. The first 911 emergency call comes in from a teacher stating that there is a shooter at one of the local elementary schools. The emergency alert tones go out over the radio giving little to no actionable information, other than the name of the school and an active shooter. Every officer with a radio is on their way to the school as safely as possible. What is going through your mind?

  • What is the fastest way to get there?
  • Where is the traffic to avoid?
  • When I get there, where's the best tactical place to park my vehicle?
  • Will I be the first one there?
  • What door do I go to?
  • How do I get in the building? It is probably locked.
  • Where is the shooter?
  • How many shooters are there?
  • Is anyone already shot?

In the meantime, 911 is receiving scores of phone calls from both inside and outside of the building with contradictory and potentially false information. How do 911 operators sort out all of the noise and find the important information? What information do they relay to the officers to keep them up to date and safe?

What if there was a system designed from the ground up by police with law enforcement in mind?  What if there was a system that allowed immediate access to the building and to every room in the building?  What if responders had a map at the building at their fingetips?  What if you had real-time accurate information regarding where a shooter is in the building?  What if you could simply talk to 911 over your radio to gain entry into every room in the building?  What if you could look down a hallway and make an immediate tactical assessment of all rooms?  

The SEALD system was designed with the knowledge that TIME and accurate INFORMATION are the most critical components in the chaos.  

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