It’s 8:37 AM on a Tuesday morning and the days activities are in full swing.  You are in your office working on teacher performance reviews when you hear 2 muffled pops and you see a few adults running down the hallway.  Your stomach knots up and your heartrate rapidly increases.  Is there a shooter in the school?  Then you hear two more shots and it is unmistakable that you are under attack.  You race to the connecting office and see the office secretary calling 911 and you look out and see that the office door is wide open.  What do you do?

Then a million more questions start going through your mind.

  • Where is the shooter?
  • Did all the teachers lock their doors?
  • Are my students safe?
  • Is anyone shot?
  • When will the police be here?
  • How will they get in?
  • Do they know where to go?
  • Did everyone remember their training?
  • Do I run?
  • Do I hide?
  • Do I fight?

How will you respond?

This is the worst day of your life and we don’t want you to be unprepared. We specifically designed the SEALD system to answer all these questions and replace all the manual actions needed to lock down your building and notify 911 with automatic lockdown and notification. All your teachers and administrators have to remember to do is hide.  No more fumbling with keys.  It's one less thing your staff has to rememeber and act upon.  The system turns over building control to the police and helps to ensure the situation is ended as quickly as possible.

How effective is your existing security system and security protocols?  How effective is your once a year lockdown training?  SEALD never needs reminding.

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